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BBQ Rubs. What Everyone Else is Buying Right Now.

Some ingredients are universal, and some are just right for the moment. These fine BBQ ingredients are popular with your customers and competitors right now.

   Artisan Butcher's Choice Rub   

Infuse your grilled favorites with a spicy rub created with dashes of paprika, tarragon, and sugar. The aroma alone will keep your patrons coming back for the heat.

 David’s Rib Rub   

Nothing says barbecue like the sweet, fruity, smoky flavor of mesquite. This expertly combined selection of spices with just the right amount of smoky mesquite heat makes an impeccable rub for ribs.

   David’s Special Steak Rub   

Special Steak Rub is made from red chilies, black pepper, dehydrated vegetables, and spices. It's versatile and healthy, containing no salt, no sodium, no preservatives.  

Dip Mixes For The Pre-Game

Onion and Garlic Dip Mix 

 It's reminiscent of that classic French Onion Dip we all grew up with, but with so much more going on. This onion and garlic dip mix is the perfect extra for snacking while you BBQ the main attraction.  

     Nacho Dip Mix   

Give your nachos super powers with this flavor-packed nacho dip mix. It takes about 5 minutes to make, and everyone will be asking for your secret recipe. 

  Bacon Dip Mix  

Bacon is delicious. Why wouldn't you want the flavor of bacon with your other snacks? Whip up this bacon dip and enjoy with chips, bread, toasted pita or vegetables.  

The Right Flavors For Labor Day

  Togarashi Nanami Dry Chili Blend  

his is a popular bright red-orange Japanese spice blend that is normally sprinkled over Japanese noodle dishes. It is excellent as a seasoning on potatoes for oven or home fries and is also delicious on steamed vegetables.  

  Agar Gum Powder  

A white powder derived from red algae used to thicken, gel, emulsify, and stabilize It is natural vegetable gelatin counterpart. And it's probably more affordable to buy from us than your domestic supplier.

  Birch Syrup  

It's 100% natural, using no chemicals in the evaporation process and scores lower than other natural sweeteners on the glycemic index, making it more diabetic friendly than many of its counterparts.  

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We find authentic, high-quality, family-made ingredients to make your search easy

You don’t need to take risks when you want new, hard-to-find, unique ingredients. We already did that. We test every ingredient ourselves because food is our passion. When you order from us, your shipment is tracked from the moment it leaves our warehouse to the second it's delivered.  

We want to spread the flavors of the world to every corner of the USA with fast same-day shipping, so every foodie can experience the full spectrum of flavors and share our joy of all things delicious. We got the ingredients here, now you spread the love!

Food ingredients for your world

Food is creativity. Food is friendship and comfort. Food is culture and passion. It’s a breaker of walls. It's livelihood. 

Food is the stuff of life in every way. 

Food makes a home in our hearts, and we’ve been following our hearts from country to country for 60 years, bringing the finest, local, family-made ingredients back to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, to share with businesses and consumers in the United States who feel the same exhilaration about exploring rich, full flavors as we do.


We source the finest ingredients from every corner of our Canadian home, and we curate a delicious collection of fine food ingredients from around the world, including:







Sri Lanka




We believe in...

Ingredients from authentic sources, families working with families, and food’s power to enrich the soul. We believe in getting hard-to-find ingredients to you fast, so you can work when inspiration strikes you. We believe in free UPS shipping, so your order is safe.  

We believe in you

And we want to help bring your kitchen to life with every flavor, scent, and texture you ever wanted to experiment with.

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