Fine Food Ingredients Collected from Around the World,
Delivered to Your Door.

We do the hard work so choosing your ingredients is easy.

Food is creativity. Food is friendship and comfort. Food is culture and passion. It’s a breaker of walls. It's livelihood. 

Food is the stuff of life in every way. 

Food makes a home in our hearts almost as early in life as it does in our stomachs, and we’ve been following our hearts from continent to continent, country to country, for 60 years. And for 60 years, we’ve been bringing the finest, local, family-made ingredients back to Canada to share with businesses and consumers in the United States who feel the same exhilaration about exploring rich, full flavors as we do. 


We source the finest ingredients from across Canada, and we bring home fine food ingredients from around the world, including:







Sri Lanka




6 decades ago, we started out as a small family-owned business in Canada. We explored and brought home flavors from around the world, seeking to break the tedium of ho-hum breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

We worked to bring home ingredients that fed the soul and the body. To help restaurants, specialty grocery, markets, consumers and more replace “a quick snack” with quality time - with brunch, amuse-bouche. Something that means more.  

Standing in the Toronto Subway Station at any given moment, you can hear up to 180 different languages and dialects. In a region so rich in diversity, we set out on a quest to capture every rare and delicious detail we could find. 

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We treat food as art. So we don’t carry mayo-chup. We want you and your customers to dip your truffle fries in Harissa Mayo for a smoky, tangy flavor that feels like the tropics, or skip the truffles and season your fries with Dukkah Spice Blend for a flavor that feels like home. 

Other suppliers think flowery descriptions are enough to make your menu sing. We bring you flavor and high-quality ingredients, so your food does the talking. Our pride lies in our passion and ability to enhance your kitchen’s arsenal to make your dishes unforgettable.

With violet Nicoise olives from France to pair with a house Cabernet Sauvignon, or sesame seed spackled wafers to pump Avocado mousse into, we break the curse of humdrum meals. In a world diluted by options, we hunt down ingredients worth your craft to help you stand out.

We believe in...

Ingredients from authentic sources

We trek the world and go to the source, searching for the best ingredients we can get our hands on - curry powder from the West Indies, white truffle olive oil from France, and toasty raw sugar from Colombia. 

And we find local secrets, where growers and manufacturers manifest big dreams into small treasures. We support foodies chasing their dreams on almost every continent, so they can work on their craft using traditional knowledge, and you or your customers can enjoy the fruits of their success.

We bring all it back to our massive warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto and deliver it straight to your door. When you work with us, you cut out the middleman to stretch your budget further and longer. 

Families working with families

Qualifirst primarily collaborates with local family-owned suppliers and manufacturers because they share our passion, and maybe yours too. 

You won’t see our name on the biggest billboard in your city because like you, we don’t want to be the biggest. We want to be the best, and we want to help you be the best too.

That’s why we carry ingredients made in small batches using techniques often passed down through generations of families. They’re harvested with traditional methods and delivered to you anywhere in the USA after a single stop in Toronto or Vancouver, inspiring a chef to whip up their next signature dish and a weekend foodie to open their heart to new tastes. 

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Odoo • Text and Image

Trust and accountability

When you order from us, your ingredients are shipped that day. It’s tracked from the second it leaves our warehouse to the moment it arrives at your door. 

We offer upgraded shipping options, so you can get your ingredients faster. And we have low minimum orders, so you can try new things without committing a big chunk of your budget before knowing your customers want it.

Food’s power to enrich the soul

Ingredients from authentic sources

We get up in the morning for good food. And good food comes from high-quality ingredients that yield high-quality dishes and a fruitful journey along the way. 
Good ingredients give more to the body than just fuel. They bring people together; they help people thrive, in the hands of the right chef. 
The Qualifirst Group continues to help enrich the meals made by hard-working chefs and food enthusiasts across the United States. 

While you feed their souls, we hope working with us helps feed yours.