Jojoba Beads White (20/40-Non Food) 150 g Czaviar

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Jojoba beads are used in personal care such as scrubs and cleansers and also for soap making. They are natural exfoliants and they are environmentally friendly.

Origin: United States United States
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    • JOJOBA BEADS – Natural exfoliants and environmentally friendly beads. They are used in personal care such as scrubs and cleansers. They can also be used to create your own soap. A fantastic ingredient to add to your skin care today.
    • ACNE – Jojoba Beads can be used as part of an acne treatment. When mixed with acne or cleansing products, the Jojoba Beads enhance their effect by delivering the product further into your pores, allowing your acne to heal from within.
    • DIY SCRUB – Making your own cleanser can be super beneficial for your skin. Simply mix equal parts of cornmeal to Jojoba Beads. Apply directly to the skin using a rubbing motion and rinse off with warm water. Apply your favourite moisturizer afterwards.
    • PROPERTIES – Visually appealing to the eye, Jojoba Beads are colourless and have no smell. They can typically be seen in any product that they are used in. They look like small spheres and feel just as good as they look when used on the skin.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY – Jojoba Beads are in fact biodegradable, and sustainable produced. This is fantastic for the environment and those who are living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Remove dry or flaky skin and promote a rejuvenated appearance with this premium product without the worry of putting dangerous or unknown ingredients on your skin.

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