Rolling Pin Stainless Steel Adjustable 1 pc Artigee

SKU: ARTG-8009 | Artigee

Enjoy safer, easier, more consistent baking and cooking with this light weight, food grade, stainless steel rolling pin. Adjustable to four different heights and widths rolling chewy cookie dough, thick pizza crust, perfect pasta dough, and super thin pie crust just got easier. Plus unlike traditional rolling pins, stainless steel construction creates a non-stick surface that does not crack or grow mold, so baking is safer and easier.

Origin: China China
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    • Easily Adjustable - Easy change out disks alter the height and width so making chewy cookies, thick pizza dough, perfectly thin pie crust, and ideally thick pasta dough is a breeze.
    • Food Grade Stainless Steel - Stainless steel will not become moldy like wooden rolling pins or cracked like marble so your kitchen workspace stays cleaner and safer.
    • Light Weight - Spending time preparing and rolling dough just got easier with this rolling pin's light weight stainless steel construction.
    • Dough Will Not Stick - Enjoy hassle free baking. Eliminate the frustration of dough sticking to the rolling pin with this stainless steel roller.
    • Long Lasting - Solid, food grade, stainless steel construction guarantees your baking and cooking enjoyment for years to come.

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