Tulip Baking Cups 50mmx80mm Tan 100 pc Artigee

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Give your baking flair with these trendy tulip cups for muffins or cupcakes. Tulip Baking Cups are 50mmx 80mm and made from grease proof, food-grade paper that is pleated. Ideal for baking muffins and cupcakes, they fit a standard muffin tin. They look beautiful in a bakery case and are hygienic for handling. Cupcakes and muffins won't stick when baking and clean up is a breeze. Use them for baking cupcakes and muffins including carrot, chocolate, and lemon poppyseed.

Origin: China China
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    • INCREDIBLE BAKING RESULTS! Made from premium quality grease-proof paper that ensures moisture retention and promotes even baking. These tulip Baking Cups are oven safe, and can be used in high baking temperatures.
    • ADD FLAIR TO YOUR TREATS! With stylish trendy designs these baking cups are sure to impress your guests. Adding a touch of refinement and style to any plate, this cups will transform your treats into a visual feast!
    • PERFECT FOR MUFFINS! These baking cups hold a standard size o9fabout 3 oz of cupcake or muffin batter; the ideal measurement for medium sized muffins or cupcakes. Perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more!
    • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION! these baking cups are perfect for both daily use and big events or occasions. Including kids' birthday, parties, baby shower, wedding, Christmas and other festivities!
    • PREVENT MESSY CLEANING! Using our baking cups to line muffin pans completely eliminates the need to clean hard to scrub residue. Save time cleaning, and focus more on sharing your delicious treats!

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