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A French bean native to Brittany whose small, round shape and white colour are reminiscent of the North American white bean or navy bean. Coco beans require pre-soaking and cook quickly in under an hour. They have a starchier texture with a buttery, slightly nutty flavour. Coco beans are used in traditional European soups and stews including bean and greens, or bean and pasta soup combinations, such as Pasta Fagioli. In North America they are used to prepare baked beans, bean soups, and in ragouts as side dishes for meats.

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    White dried coco beans



    • ESSENTIAL IN FRENCH RECIPES – These small, round dried coco beans are often used in French recipes. A key ingredient in making confit, stew, soups, gizzards, and pasta, these beans are essential for making your dishes more palatable. In the North American regions, dried coco beans are used in a host of baked dishes. You may also make a savory side dish by infusing it with these little beans.
    • HOW TO USE? – To use them in your recipes, you need to pre-soak them in water. They take about an hour to be fully cooked.
    • NUTTY FLAVOR – The dry white coco beans add a nutty flavor to your food, with its starchy texture making your dishes thicker and creamier. The buttery texture of cooked coco beans is simply delectable.
    • VEGAN – These dry coco beans are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Whether you're preparing soups, salads, entrée, or the main course, adding these beans will enhance the taste of all your dishes.
    • NUTRITIONAL FACTS – These beans contain protein and fiber. They are high in fat content, including saturated fat.

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