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Chocolate Decorations, Shells

Indulge your sweet tooth with our luxurious range of chocolate decorations! Our chocolate shells and cups are perfect for creating dazzling desserts or adding an extra touch of elegance, whether for a mousse, ice cream or fruit salad. Our chocolate shavings add a beautiful, decadent touch to any cake, hot chocolate or cappuccino. Chocolate cigarettes, banderillas, and chocolate pearls are the perfect way to add a delicious crunch.

Decorate your cakes, cupcakes, or desserts with these stunning chocolate decorations and create a visual feast for the eyes.!

Note that chocolates are in the refrigerated category as they are meltable, and as such will need to be treated as a temperature-sensitive product during the summer months.

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Chocolate Pencil Marble 200mm x 6mm 110pc 715 g Qualifirst
SKU: 173087
Price: US$ 64.81 64.81 USW
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Chocolate 69% Universe Globe (Sphere) Large 80mm 45 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 176021
Price: US$ 125.38 125.38000000000001 USW
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Transfer Sheets Scribble 30 pc Mona Lisa
SKU: 173385
Price: US$ 136.97 136.97 USW
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Transfer Sheets Pearls 30 pc Mona Lisa
SKU: 173380
Price: US$ 136.97 136.97 USW
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