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Create a spectacular presentation with a palette of edible colour. Orange Food Colouring is made to impart colour to food and drink. The intensity depends on how much is added—a little will make a peachy shade, and a lot will make an intense orange. Ready to use for icing Halloween cookies or to tint gum paste decorations for wedding cakes. Use it to create decorative sugar, tint French macarons, make colourful cake layers, or in creamsicle ice cream.

Origin: Canada Canada
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    Salt, FD&C Yellow #6 Food Colour.



    • MAKES FOOD FANCY - When you want your food to look as delicious as it tastes, infusing a bright hue is always a great idea. This orange food colouring makes your dishes look fancy, be it muffins, cookies, macaroons, cake cream, or ice cream. So the next time you need pretty icing for your deserts, this food colour is your best choice.
    • BEAUTIFUL PEACH SHADE - This colour offers the perfect peach shade, a colour that makes your dishes stand out from the rest, and makes them look a zillion times more attractive for kids.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY ASSURED - Originating in Canada, this orange food colouring is a superior quality product that is completely safe for consumption. Available in a bottle of 100 grams, this one is a kitchen staple for the bakers and dessert fans out there.
    • VEGAN - You can add this product to any food of your choice. And the best part is, this one is suitable for both vegan and vegetarian recipes, so almost everyone can relish a little dash of colours into their favorite sweet dish.
    • VERSATILE - This food colouring can be used to add orange colour to any food you wish, from halloween or autumn-themed cookies to your favourite savory dish.

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