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Create a spectacular presentation with a palette of edible colour. Pink Food Colouring is made to impart colour to food and drink. The intensity depends on how much is added—a little will make a light rose shade, and a lot will make a deep fuschia pink. Ready to use for dying Easter eggs, for gum paste decorations for wedding cakes, or to make electric pink lemonade for a kids party. Use it to create decorative sugar, tint French macarons, make bubble gum ice cream or to colour genoise cake.

Origin: Canada Canada
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    Maltodextrin, FD&C Red #3 food colour (contains Erythrosine).



    • PREMIUM QUALITY DYE – We offer high quality dyes that look both intense yet natural. Give your cakes, pastries and drinks that perfect pink color that will go unmatched.
    • MADE IN CANADA – Our food color is proudly made in Canada, right at home where we can monitor our production process and ensure that it maintains a high standard of quality.
    • HIGH VERSATILITY – The range of pink this coloring provides makes it highly versatile and allows for increased creative freedom. It’s all about how much coloring you add. Low amounts make a light rose shade, high amounts yield a deep fuschia pink.
    • A GREAT VALENTINE’S COLOR – Pink is one of the colors of love, which makes this coloring great for Valentine’s season. Add some of the love to your cookies, muffins or cakes.
    • IDEAS FOR USE – Use our food coloring for a variety of purposes, whether it be to dye Easter eggs, tint gum paste or macaroons,make bubblegum ice-cream, color your genoise, make electric pink lemonade, or add a pink tinge to your cocktails.

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