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Create a spectacular presentation with a palette of edible colour. Yellow Food Colouring is made to impart colour to food and drink. The intensity depends on how much is added—a little will make a pastel yellow, and a lot will make a deep saffron yellow. Ready to use for dying Easter eggs or to tint gum paste decorations for wedding cakes. Use it to create decorative sugar, tint French macarons, make colourful cake layers, or in lemon ice cream.

Origin: Canada Canada
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    Salt, FD&C Yellow #5, Yellow #6 Food Colour (contains Tartazine).



    • PREMIUM QUALITY DYE – We offer high quality dyes that look both intense yet natural. Give your cakes and pastries that perfect yellow color that will go unmatched.
    • MADE IN CANADA – Our food color is proudly made in Canada, right at home where we can monitor our production process and ensure that it maintains a high standard of quality.
    • HIGH VERSATILITY – The range of yellow this coloring provides makes it highly versatile and allows for increased creative freedom. It’s all about how much coloring you add. Low amounts make a pastel yellow, high amounts yield a deep saffron yellow. You can even mix our yellow and red colorings to make orange.
    • IDEAS FOR USE – Use our food coloring for a variety of purposes, whether it be to dye Easter eggs, tint gum paste or macaroons, give your lemon cakes and pastries that extra kick of yellow, or give your cocktails a yellow tinge.
    • ALTERNATIVE DIET COMPATIBILITY – This product is compatible with most diets, being vegan and vegetarian friendly, allowing you to use it free of worry.

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