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Dark Couverture

Couverture is an extremely high quality chocolate used for tempering, dipping, coating, molding, and garnishing. These exquisite dark chocolate couvertures give your desserts rich depth and a luxurious finish. Get your decadent mini grammes de chocolat with no artificial ingredients from Michel Cluizel, the finest Belgian chocolate using rare bean varieties from Callebaut, and the French masters at Cacao Barry, ancestral home of couverture. Do you need callets for melting a luscious ganache, powder for a steamy chocolate drink, or cocoa sticks for your chocolate croissants? Or perhaps you prefer a glossy white shine in your recipe? You can also skim our Milk and White Couverture section. With its dedication to serving the highest quality fine foods, Qualifirst is the trusty one-stop-shop for every chocophile.

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