Grand Caraque - 3 kg Cacao Barry

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A mass of unsweetened pure cocoa (100%) giving fondants a deep chocolate colour and subtly dampening the sweetness. Cocoa mass also makes for a great ingredient for flavouring ice cream, ganaches, pralines or other ingredient bases to achieve a deeper, darker colour and more intense cocoa taste.

Origin: France France
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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 40 g
    Amount % Daily Value*


    100% cocoa mass. Contains: milk

    • INTENSLY DARK – Made of 100% pure cocoa, Grand Caraque has a deep dark colour that is unforgettable. It’s rich, powerful, earthy and can really make an impact in taste and appearance.
    • USAGE IDEAS – Use this product in many desserts such as ganache and mousse, as well as savory and sweet sauces. Give fondants a striking dark hue while gently reducing the sweetness.
    • UNDER YOUR CONTROL – When you use Grand Caraque in your recipes, you get to be the one in control of how sweet your dessert, filling or sauce will be.
    • PERFECT FOR CANDY – This strong chocolate flavour can really make your candies pop! Use it for the interior of your candy recipe and really make an impression when you give it to friends and family. It's strong pure cocoa flavour will never be forgotten.
    • EASY TO USE – These pistoles are extremely easy to use and the two-gram size of the chocolate discs makes it easy to add to any recipes. Just drop them in and voila, creamy caramel whole milk flavour!

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