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Cacao Barry's Powdered Hot Chocolate is made of only two ingredients: sugar and cocoa powder. Add hot water or milk to create a luscious hot chocolate drink.

Origin: France France
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    sugar, cocoa powder processed with alkali. May contain Milk.


    • PURE INGREDIENTS – Hot chocolate lovers will be pleased with just a few pure ingredients in their warm and comforting beverage mix. This product only has pure sugar and pure French cacao powder. That’s it – nothing more. 100% pure.
    • SIMPLE BEVERAGE – All that’s needed is boiled water or steamed milk and voila! You have a steaming hot cup of creamy hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. This is a super simple, non-stress beverage.
    • VERSATILE – This hot chocolate powder can be used as a substitute for chocolate in numerous dessert recipes, including chocolate mug cakes, chocolate cookies and cacao cupcakes. You can even use it to coat decadent truffles with its creamy rich cacao flavour.
    • TASTY TOPPINGS – The great thing about hot chocolate is that you can add so many toppings to it, whether it is nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon or whipped cream and marshmallows. Try adding a little pumpkin spice for that holiday feeling, or a sprinkle of cayenne for that extra bit of heat!
    • OTHER IDEAS – There are a variety of unique recipes that can include Cacao Barry’s hot chocolate powder, from hot chocolate pancakes and French toast to hot chocolate brownies and hot chocolate cheesecake dip!

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