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Stirred into liquids, it creates the pleasant sensation in the mouth of bubbles and fizz. Fizz Powder is a fine white powder with a neutral flavour that contains citric acid. Turn any flavoured beverage, like fruit juices, into a carbonated drink. Use it in candy-making to create fizzy treats. Add it sorbet mixtures or fruit purees or mix it with sugar when preparing desserts.

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    Nutrition Facts
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    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 30 g
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    isomalt, sodium bicarbonate tartaric acid.



    • FIZZ POWDER – Stirred into liquids, it creates the pleasant sensation in the mouth of both bubbles and fizz. Introduce a new element to your favourite still cocktails, or liven up a dessert.
    • HEALTHY HOMEMADE FIZZY DRINKS – You don’t need an expensive soda making machine, or carbonated water! By simply stirring fizz powder into liquids you’ll be able to create homemade carbonated drinks to your satisfaction. Get creative with fresh juices and different flavours!
    • KIDS LOVE IT – Easily add a surprise twist to practically any flavoured beverage by stirring fizz powder into it! Cut back on unhealthy sodas by combining the familiar and fun bubbles of carbonated drinks to your children's favourite juice.
    • USAGE IDEAS – You can’t go wrong with a little fizz! Add some bubbles to a drink, add to sorbet mixtures or fruit purees. Mix it with sugar when preparing desserts for a unique twist.
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT – Here at Texturestar we believe in sourcing only the finest quality products, and our Fizz powder is no exception. With a wide variety of uses you can rest assured this powder will meet your needs.

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