Gold Flake (Decorative) 5 g Choctura

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Add luxury to any of your culinary creations by adding gold! Gold Flakes are used decoratively for pastries and chocolates and often on Indian sweets. Gold Flakes can be used on the surface of chocolates and can be added to flavoured gelatin to add gold sparkle and glitter. Gold Flake can be added to clear cocktails or aperitifs like champagne to add elegance. It can also be used as a final garnish on savoury dishes such as Pea Risotto or on dark rich meat sauces.

Origin: Netherlands Netherlands
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    Gold flakes. Decoration only.



    • A FAMILIAR SHIMMER – You’ve probably seen gold flakes before. A glimmer of gold on a piece of chocolate cake, a stunning metallic hint on a truffle, or flakes inside champagne. Gold flakes are even used by some sushi chefs to give their sushi a boost in appearance.

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