Black Garlic Peeled Solo Bulb 300 g YOSHI

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Fermented and kept at a low temperature for almost three weeks, these peeled garlic bulbs are ink black with a soft and chewy texture. Black garlic is a go-to in professional kitchens for its sweet and subtle garlic flavour and its umami depth. Perfect when mixed into an aioli or a vinaigrette, it's also delicious sautéed with onions to make a sauce for chicken or steak. There's no doubt that black garlic will add a unique dynamic to even the simplest of dishes!

Origin: China China
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    black garlic.



    • PREMIUM QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE – Yoshi strives to provide the highest quality products possible at a fair price. With our black garlic, you can stay on budget and know you’re not compromising on quality.
    • A TRUE SUPERFOOD – Apart from its delicious aroma, black garlic is also rich in health benefits, as the aging process has been shown to expand the garlic’s antioxidant properties. This may yield benefits in regard to inflammation, liver damage, weight, and brain cell protection.
    • CAREFULLY AGED – Yoshi’s black garlic is carefully aged and roasted for 23 days in a humidity controlled environment , giving it its color, intense aroma and sweet and sour taste. The garlic flavor is sweet and subtle with a savory depth that makes it a must-try.
    • PRESERVATIVE AND ADDITIVE FREE – Yoshi guarantees a preservative and additive free product, as we care about the health of our customers and only sell products that we also feed our children.
    • RIDICULOUSLY VERSATILE INGREDIENT– There’s a reason black garlic has become a staple ingredient. It could hardly be more versatile. It can be used to give a unique richness to beef stew, as a compound butter in chicken, in brownies, in black ranch dressing, in vinaigrette, as a delicious sandwich spread, the list could go on.

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