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Smokey and warm, some may say they are irreplaceable. Ground cumin seeds have such unique and potent flavour that's crucial to Indian cuisines. Cumin has a smokey and strong warm aroma and is an essential ingredient in the generic spice blend known as curry. Ground cumin is used in many Indian dishes, including braised Kashmiri lamb, and is also found in Mexican Mole sauces. It is an important flavouring ingredient in Jamaican curries and jerk marinade and is often found in spice rubs and barbecue sauces for grilling.

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    Cumin seeds.



    • 1 x 454 g container (1 lb) of pure all natural ground cumin.
    • Ground cumin seeds are a crucial ingredient in Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine
    • A highly aromatic spice with a strong, spicy-sweet aroma and a unique, potent, earthy, spicy flavour
    • Use when making curries, Mexican bean pots, rice pilafs, stews, spice rubs or BBQ sauces
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