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They may be small but they certainly pack a punch. A staple in Mexican cuisine, these chile's are smokey, earthy and hot, making a perfect addition when flavouring salsas, stews and soups. With its vibrant crimson hue, the powder is also great sprinkled into taco mix or over a stir fry dish for added spice.

Origin: Mexico Mexico
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    De Arbol pepper



    • SMALL SIZE, BIG SPICE - Don't get fooled by the size of de Arbol Chili, it's one of the spiciest chilis you'll ever taste. The chili has a subtle earthy and woody taste but it's the bold spiciness that takes the cake. It's full of vitamin A, calcium, and iron. De Arbol Chili is used all over the world to bring a twist to mild flavours.
    • AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FLAVOUR - The de Arbol Chili is a Mexican staple. You'll find it amplifying flavours of Mexican cuisine and it does a great job at that! It has a striking crimson shade that adds a pinch of color along with heat.
    • PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF FOOD - The de Arbol Chili is a kitchen wonder! You can use it to spice up your regular soup and salsa and taco. Not only that, the spice levels really go well with pastas, and the nutty flavour compliments seafoods.
    • VEGAN - The de Arbol Chili powder has been created as a vegan product and you can use it in foods without worrying about anything else.

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