Pink Peppercorns Dry 225 g Royal Command

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Aromatic, light and crunchy with an herbal citrus peppery flavour. An exotic substitute for regular peppercorns.

GMO Free GMO Free
Origin: Brazil Brazil
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    pink peppercorn



    • GOURMET - When it comes to peppercorns, most people think of the black or green varieties. These pink peppercorns are far more exotic, giving your dishes an extra dimension and wow factor
    • FRUITY FLAVOUR - These pink peppercorns has a lighter, fruit senisbility than their less exotic cousins. This makes for an exceptional substitute for your receipe, simply add them where you’d usually use peppercorns and enjoy the different flavour.
    • SPICE IT UP - While our Pink peppercorns aren’t overpowering, they can add some fiery flavours to your dishes. These will add some kick to your next meal!
    • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE - From curry pastes to meat sauces, these Pink Peppercorn are incredibly versatile. Some foodies even eat them whole to savour their unique flavour.
    • A BRAZIL EXPORT - These Pionk Peppercorns are sourced from the exotic plains of South America. Picked at their freshest, they are ready to add new dimensions your cooking. Without additives or flavourings, you can enjoy pink peppercorns as they were meant to be enjoyed.

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