Liquorice Chunks Freeze Dried 200 g Fresh-As

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The distinct sweet rich flavour of black licorice, freeze-dried in large grey chunks. Fresh-As uses freeze-drying to create innovative, unexpected, and delightful new edible products. Licorice chunks are a beautiful modernist garnish for ginger infused desserts such as ice cream or custard. They are gorgeous on cakes or cupcakes, and a unique garnish for winter salads of citrus or fennel.

Origin: New Zealand New Zealand
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    Menozzie Liquorice. Contains Wheat (gluten)



    • USE AS A GARNISH — Add texture and flair to dishes when you add a liquorice garnish. Light and crisp with the texture of meringue, these freeze dried liquorice chunks are a perfect addition to winter salads made with fennel or citrus. They looking striking when added to a dessert that is served with custard or ice cream.
    • LIQUORICE WITH MEAT — Crush the chunks into powder and mix into a meat sauce for a darker colour and spicier flavour. Create a liquorice glaze to coat chicken breasts with or combine the liquorice with ginger in a marinade for veal.
    • OTHER MEALS WITH LIQUORICE — Make a liquorice sauce to serve on the side when eating a creamy cheese risotto or a syrup to accompany scallops. Liquorice croutons are a delightful addition to soups.
    • MAKE LIQUORICE DESSERTS — Sink your teeth into a moreish Rocky Road or impress your guests when you make a Black Forest liquorice mousse cake. Crumble the chunks into vanilla ice cream for a nutty taste or try your hand at making liquorice sorbet.
    • A HEALTHY CHOICE — Liquorice aids digestion and helps lower your cholesterol. It also helps your body combat infections and can provide respiratory relief.

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