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When quality food ingredients and flavours matter, the best chefs choose Fresh As freeze dried products. Freeze Dried Plum Slices have the sweet and jammy flavour of this late summer stone fruit, a rich maroon colour, and a delightful and surprising crisp texture. Spectacular garnish for sweet dessert soups and frozen honey mousse. They are excellent as a snack on their own or with roasted almonds or hazelnuts. Freeze Dried Plum Slices are beautiful served with ripe blue cheese, duck or goose pate, or foie gras.

Gluten Free Gluten Free
GMO Free GMO Free
Origin: New Zealand New Zealand
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    Plum. Vegan & Vegetarian friendly



    • SWEET SUMMER FLAVOURS - Plums are the perfect ingredient for the warmer weather, as their rich succulent flavours remind us of summer evenings spent with friends. They’re the ideal addition to any fruit-based dish or desert
    • FROM BREAKFASTS TO DESSERTS - The best mornings start with great food. With these plum slices, you can create smoothies to fuel the start of your day or enjoy them with honey and yoghurt as breakfast or a dessert. They’re perfect for getting creative with your meals.
    • FREE FROM ADDITIVES - The best chefs use Fresh-As freeze dried ingredients for their taste and their purity. These plum slices are made from one ingredient only, with no additives or GMO. What you buy is what you get and you can enjoy the pure flavour, knowing it's free from nasty chemicals.
    • BURSTING WITH NUTRIENTS - Plums are full of important vitamins, promoting well being and improved lifetstyle
    • ON THEIR OWN OR AS A DISH - Plums are one of those great ingredients that you can eat on their own, or as part of a bigger dish. If you’re feeling hungry, feel free to snack on this delicious fruit knowing that it’s great for your tastebuds.

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