Rhubarb Freeze Dried 100 g Fresh-As

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When quality food ingredients and flavours matter, the best chefs choose Fresh-As freeze-dried fruit and vegetables. Freeze Dried Rhubarb has the appealing sour taste of spring, a lovely pink-blush colour, and a delightful and surprising crisp texture. A spectacular garnish for strawberry ice cream or sorbet. It's excellent as a snack combined with freeze-dried manuka honey or orange segments. Use as a garnish on salads or on foie gras appetizers.

Gluten Free Gluten Free
GMO Free GMO Free
Origin: New Zealand New Zealand
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    Rhubarb, sugar.



    • USED BY THE BEST - When freshness matters, the best cooks and professional chefs turn to Fresh-As. If you need the potent, tart flavour of rhubarb, these freeze-dried rhubarb sticks are the way to go. From snacks to meals, you need this ingredient by your side.
    • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE - Whether you’re looking to impress guests or enjoy a meal for one, this rhubarb is ideal for creating all manner of meals. From ice cream flavouring to salads or solo-snacking, you can’t go wrong with freeze-dried rhubarb.
    • ALL THE BEST FLAVOURS - When you freeze dry food, the moisture is removed and the flavour becomes intensified. This gives you the tart sweetness of this wonderful vegetable in an even stronger way. It’s perfect for adding a twist to your meals.
    • VERY NUTRITIOUS - The best ingredients taste great, and are great for you. Rhubarb is a rich source of antioxidants, protecting your cells from free radicals. These are also what gives rhubarb its wonderful red colour.
    • ONLY ONE INGREDIENT - Fresh-As prides itself on purity and freshness. This means that no additives are used in creating these freeze-dried rhubarb pieces. Without the use of GMOs or additives, you can be sure that what you’re eating is as fresh as possible.

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