Category image: Compounds, Fondants, Pastes

Compounds, Fondants, Pastes

For chefs and those entertaining like chefs, these high-quality compounds, fondants, and pastes are ideal for:

  • Jam substitute

  • Pastry filling

  • Condiment

  • Addition to purees

Make your danishes shimmer by drizzling them with one-of-a-kind Apricot Nappage Glaze from France. Or choose between our premium Apple Compote and Quince Fruit Paste for a delightful afternoon snack or sweetening your cakes naturally.

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Quince Fruit Paste Spain 300 g San Lorenzo
SKU: 214200
Price: US$ 14.97 14.97 USW
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Poppy Seed Cake & Pastry Filling 354 g Qualifirst
SKU: 060800
Price: US$ 11.99 11.99 USW
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White Fondant 5 kg Qualifirst
SKU: 215013
Price: US$ 83.85 83.85000000000001 USW
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Red Gum Paste 910 g Satin Ice
SKU: 215007
Price: US$ 39.86 39.86 USW
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White Fondant 1 kg Qualifirst
SKU: 215012
Price: US$ 26.92 26.92 USW
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Black Gum Paste 910 g Satin Ice
SKU: 215001
Price: US$ 39.88 39.88 USW
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