Silver Pastry Sheets - 20 pc Almondena

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    • CHEFS CHOICE – Gelatine Silver Leaf Pantry Sheets are the go to for countless pastry chefs and at home bakers. They are super simple to handle and convenient to use. With this product you’ll find there are endless culinary possibilities that range from sweet to savoury. Silver Gelatine Leaves set with a much clearer and at a smoother consistency compared to powdered gelatine.
    • ODOURLESS AND FLAVOURLESS – These pastry sheets are excellent liquid binders that will not change the taste of your creation. In 3 simple steps they're ready to use. Count the required or desired number of leaves, soak, squeeze and melt. Experience consistent gelling performance with each use. Perfect for desserts, mousessed and creams.
    • EASE OF USE – Many chefs also prefer leaves over powder for ease of use. They allow for the counting of leaves rather than weighing out powder, and there is no chance of undissolved granules which can happen with powder. European recipes typically call for the use of gelatin leaves.
    • STAPLE OF MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY – Gelatin is a staple of modern cuisine. Either upgrade from powder to leaves for a more gourmet end product, or dip your toes in this world with these easy-to-use leaves. Soak in cold water for at least 5 minutes. Remove and gently squeeze out any excess water. Lastly add to your dish or dessert by heating to melt. Chill for at least 6 hours, then enjoy!
    • ALMOST LIMITLESS USES – Apart from making delicious jellies, you can make a plethora of other dishes including panna cotta, aspics, bavarois, chilled soufleé, mousse, marshmallow, terrine, blancmange... the possibilities are as wide reaching as your imagination.

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