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If you need pectin that can be set, melted and set again, try Pectin NH Powder. This pectin is an off-white powder for gelling, thickening and stabilizing additive in food that is most commonly derived from fruit such as apples or citrus. It can be set, melted and set again without compromising gelling quality. It is well suited to low or no sugar products. It has a longer set time and is best suited for clear jellies, such as apple or wine, where particle suspension in not imperative. Low Methylester (low methoxyl).

Origin: Germany Germany
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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1.5 tsp.
    Amount % Daily Value*


    Pectin (citrus), calcium citrate, polyphosphate and dextrose.

    • SET AGAIN AND AGAIN - Many complain that some additives can’t be set repeatedly. This pectin can be set, melted and set again, without losing any of its gelling qualities. This ensures that it’s incredibly versatile - being used in multiple applications. From jams to jellies to marmalades - the sky’s the limit.
    • PERFECT FOR JELLIES - One of the most popular applications for Pectin is Jelly. For those jellies where particle suspension isn’t needed - Pectin is the perfect ingredient. We’d recommend apple or wine jellies - they’re bound to put smiles on faces.
    • GET THAT TEXTURE - The key to quality texture is quality ingredients. With this Pectin NH powder, achieving the right balance is a breeze. Texturestar are specialists in creating the best textures around - and they’ve definitely succeeded.
    • VEGAN FRIENDLY - Pectin is a great alternative for gelatin. Having been sourced from 100% plant materials, anyone can eat dishes that are made from this versatile ingredient - it’s highly accessible no matter your dietary requirements.
    • THE PERFECT GELATIN SUBSTITUTE - For those who are allergic or can’t eat gelatin, this is the ideal substitute. Both achieve the same results, while pectin doesn’t include collagen - making it a great ingredient for more people.

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