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A highly nutritious 100 percent whole grain flour that's an excellent substitute for whole wheat. Graham Flour is a coarsely ground, unbleached, stone-milled whole wheat flour with a nutty and slightly sweet flavour. It contains the nutrient-rich oil and fibre because the bran and wheat germ are not sifted from it. Named after Sylvester Graham a pioneer in dietary reform, it is the flour used to make graham crackers and Boston brown bread. Substitute for whole wheat flour in quick bread and muffins like pumpkin, apple or carrot.

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    Hard wheat, Rye


    • HEALTHY WHOLE GRAIN FLOUR - Graham flour is whole grains flour that's more coarsely ground than the average white flour. It is unsifted and unrefined, thereby retaining all the original properties. Graham flour has a myriad of health benefits. It's high in fiber and protein. Adding Graham flour to your daily diet can improve your heart health and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    • SUBSTITUTE TO WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR - Graham flour is a potent alternative to regular whole wheat flour. It not only brings the earthy properties of whole wheat flour but also the uniquely coarse texture and nutty, sweet flavour.
    • NAMED AFTER VISIONARY SYLVESTER GRAHAM - Graham flour is named after the visionary Sylvester Graham who invented this special type of flour while searching for an alternative to less healthy white flour. It is famously used in Graham cracker which gets its name in a similar fashion.
    • CAN BE USED IN DIFFERENT DISHES - Graham flour can be used in a wide range of food. It adds a rustic texture and taste to all baked food. Graham flour is used in Boston brown bread and other quick bread and muffins.

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