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Bright, citrus flavour in a convenient dried form for any recipe calling for fresh lime peel. Dried Lime Peel is made from the rind of fresh limes and is delicious in marinades and vinaigrettes. Create a fabulous fish and shellfish seasoning by combining it with Maldon salt and fresh cracked pepper. Whip into compound butter with garlic and parsley. Infuse it in simple syrup for cocktails (mojito anyone?), paletas, sorbet or in cream for ice cream and puddings. Use it in baking for a key lime pie, key lime cheesecake, or mojito-inspired desserts.

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    • PURE LIME PEEL – Brewmaster Dried Lime Peel Granules are just that - pure lime! No additives or preservatives. Made by taking the peel of fresh limes gathered at the peak of their ripeness, and drying to preserve its flavour and scent.
    • HOME BREWING – Flavour your craft home-brewed beer with this premium quality product. A blonde ale isn’t the same without a little lime zest! Simply add in the last 10 minutes of your boil to bring your beer to the next level. Results in the perfect amount of citrus, body and bitterness. You can also use them to flavour vodka.
    • A KEY INGREDIENT – Both South American and Middle Eastern styles of cooking rely heavily on lime zest. It is bright with a slightly sweet yet bitter taste, while the aroma is tart and sour. Pairs well with honey, coriander, cumin, and chiles.
    • COUNTLESS USES – Bright, citrus flavour in a convenient dried form for any recipe calling for fresh lime peel. Great flavour for salsas and ceviches, rice dishes, and baked goods. Add to marinades for chicken or fish, steep with green tea to add a tropical touch.
    • OTHER IDEAS – Add a pinch to polenta or grains as they cook. Incorporate into doughs for bread, flatbread, or pizza for an interesting zing! Be sure to rehydrate by sitting in warm water for 10 minutes before adding to dry ingredients.

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