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Jams & Honey

Whether you are looking to upgrade your main dishes or want something succulent to pair with bread and cheese, you will find a wide range of delectable jams and honey choices here.

The finest jams and honeys acquired from family growers, produced in small batches, ensure your customers get the quality and consistency they expect from your brand. Choose Yuzu Marmalade from Korea, Black Fig Jam from France, Chutney Mango from India, and many more jams that capture intense fruit flavours in unexpected ways. Succulent Acacia Honey, Forest Dew Honey, Honey Coriander, and other pure honeys are never split with cheap sweeteners. They’re all natural, and all you need.

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Fig Extra Jam 314 ml Dispac
SKU: 215547
Price: US$ 12.95 12.950000000000001 USW
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Honey with White Truffle 125 g Royal Command
SKU: 050750
Price: US$ 17.84 17.84 USW
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Yuzu Marmalade 300 g Yakami Orchard
SKU: 103072
Price: US$ 19.82 19.82 USW
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Honey Comb - 200 g Royal Command
SKU: 214415
Price: US$ 28.71 28.71 USW
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Orange Marmalade 314 ml Dispac
SKU: 215545
Price: US$ 9.49 9.49 USW
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Apricot Extra Preserve - 5 kg Agrimontana
SKU: 215543
Price: US$ 134.45 134.45 USW
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Wild Raspberry Extra Preserve - 5 kg Agrimontana
SKU: 215542
Price: US$ 151.25 151.25 USW
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