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Leather Bags

We’ve curated a collection of leather bags for every kind of bag-wearer, whether you’re a messenger bagger or a backpacker. Unlike many leather bags out there, our selection will actually hold all of your things! They’re constructed with high-quality materials by people, for people, so you know that your purchase will be practical. They’re designed to carry your phone, most tablets, and other valuables without sacrificing your personal style.

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Anouk - Leather Vintage Backpack 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1001
Price: US$ 167.02 167.02 USW
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Octavia - Leather Small Purse 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1005
Price: US$ 62.33 62.33 USW
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Charlotte - Leather Compact Purse 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1003
Price: US$ 46.78 46.78 USW
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Urbani - Leather Carry All Bag 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1007
Price: US$ 109.13 109.13 USW
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Sojourner - Leather Boho Bag 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1006
Price: US$ 111.29 111.29 USW
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Intella - Leather Messenger Bag 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1004
Price: US$ 211.56 211.56 USW
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Brigitte - Leather Vintage Purse 1 pc Cananu
SKU: CAN1002
Price: US$ 89.08 89.08 USW
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