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Just a few drops in cooking or baking will give a natural pungent ginger flavour and aroma without any sweetness. A little Ginger Extract goes a long way in this high-quality flavouring. Create new combinations by adding other extracts like chocolate or lime. Use it in iced tea or gin cocktails. Add it to walnut tart or a custard sauce or ice cream to garnish sticky toffee pudding. A traditional flavour in a spice cake, it's delicious in chocolate truffles or a cream filling for chocolates. Adds intense ginger flavour chutney, marinades and stir-fries.

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    FDA approved flavor ingredients, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol and polysorbate 80.



    • UNIQUE SPICY FLAVOUR - Are you a fan of spicy aroma and flavours? The ginger extract comes with a unique spicy fragrance, that has the capacity to make bland items taste amazing.
    • USE IN COCKTAILS - The beautiful flavour of this ginger extract can make your cocktails a lot more interesting. The distinct flavour of this liquid also goes well with iced tea.
    • MAKE DESSERTS - If you want to move away from the traditional desserts and try something experimental, infusing this extract can be a great idea. This product can be a perfect addition to your spice cake or pudding. Besides these, you can also use the ginger extract for marinating meat and making dips.
    • MADE IN USA - The Ginger Extract by Bitarome is made in the USA. Available in a bottle of 30 ml, this product is 100% genuine and safe.
    • INGREDIENTS - This product is made of FDA-approved flavour ingredients, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, and polysorbate 80. It doesn't add any extra sweetness to your food but introduces a natural flavour.

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