Hazelnut Extract 30 ml Bitarome

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Just a few drops of this extract while cooking or baking will give a nutty toasted hazelnut flavour and aroma without any sweetness. A little Hazelnut Extract goes a long way with this high-quality flavouring. Create new combinations by adding other extracts like chocolate or maple. Use it to flavour hot chocolate, chocolate truffles, or to make a homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread. Intensify the flavour of hazelnut ice cream and gelato. Up the toasted nut flavour in cherry and hazelnut biscotti or in meringues for cakes like Marjolaine.

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    FDA approved flavor ingredients, propylene glycol, water, glycerin, ethyl alcohol



    • 183968
    • AUTHENTIC HAZELNUT FLAVOUR - Love hazelnuts? Then the Bitarome Hazelnut Extract is a must-try for you. Just a few drops of this liquid are enough to fill your dishes with their beautiful nutty aroma and unique flavour.
    • UNSWEETENED - This extract doesn't add any extra sweetness to your food.
    • WHERE CAN YOU USE IT? - There are multiple ways you can use this extract. Use it as a flavouring agent for making cakes, truffles, ice cream, gelato, and any other item that your heart desires. You can also use it for making a delicious hazelnut spread. The freshness of this extract makes all the difference, no matter which recipe you add it to.
    • WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF THIS EXTRACT? - Made in the US, this product contains FDA-approved flavour ingredients, propylene glycol, water, glycerin, and ethyl alcohol.

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