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Just a few drops in cooking or baking will give a tart natural citrus flavour and aroma without any sweetness. A little Lime Extract goes a long way in this high-quality flavouring. Create new combinations by adding other extracts like strawberry or coconut. Add a few drops to margaritas or limeade. Boost the flavour in citrus curd, lime squares, mousse and in cream fillings for chocolates. It gives an intense lime flavour to ice cream, sorbet and paletas. Use in marinades for fish and chicken.

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    FDA approved flavor ingredients, propylene glycol, alcohol and polysorbate 80.


    • PREMIUM QUALITY – Add a new dimension to your cooking with this premium quality lime oil. This 100% natural essence is made from cold pressing the fresh peels of hundreds of limes, resulting in a fresh smelling & tasting oil to be used as a delicious flavoring or for its health benefits.
    • IN THE KITCHEN – This all natural lime oil is excellent for use in many of your favorite baking, cooking, candy-making recipes & so much more. Ready to use sparingly wherever lime zest or peel is required. Boost the lime flavor of a key lime pie or cheesecake, or even add a few drops to thai noodles, use for grilling, or drizzle over seafood.
    • HEALTH BENEFITS – The list of benefits is long with pure lime oil. Some include curing infections, preventing viral infections, treating acne, curing toothaches, increasing appetite, reducing fever, restoring health, preventing signs of aging, and is an antidepressant & antiarthritic substance.
    • AROMATHERAPY – Reduce stress with lime oil. The uplifting scent of lime essential oil makes it ideal for reducing stress, anxiety, and indecision. It helps to promote mental clarity and increase energy and focus.
    • CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING PRODUCTS – Lime essential oil is often used in natural cleaning products. Mix approximately 15–20 drops of lime oil to half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar. A great multi-purpose cleaner that’s especially effective at cutting through grease with a strong citrus scent leaving behind a fresh, clean aroma.

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