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Why toast your own coconut when you have the perfect solution right at your fingertips? Bitarome Toasted Coconut Extract is versatile as it can be added to numerous recipes - from savoury to sweet. It is an essential extract to have in the pantry! Make mocktail pina coladas, intensify your coconut cream pie filling and put a few drops in your favourite smoothie, pudding or iced latte.

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    FDA approved flavor ingredients, water, caramel color, propylene glycol, glycerin, xanthan gum


    • FOOD GRADE - Bitarome Toasted Coconut Extract offers a nuttier, rich and creamier flavour than other nut-based extracts. Add a few drops to your favourite recipes, including cookies, ice cream, cakes, muffins, and breads.
    • USAGE IDEAS – With its distinct nutty, intense creamy flavour, Bitarome Toasted Coconut Extract can enhance the flavouring of whipped creams, coffee, gelato, ice cream, cookies, cakes, chocolate, bread mixes and all sorts of hot and cold beverages. You can also add it to coconut syrups and sauces for an extra flavour boost.
    • RICH NUTTY FLAVOUR – Bitarome Toasted Coconut Extract is perfect for anyone who loves nutty, creamy flavours. Especially the flavours that allow us to escape for a moment to tropical destinations with palm-lined beaches, blue skies and sparkling oceans. Use just a little to make a huge impression.
    • SWEET & SAVOURY – Baked goods, ice cream, cake and cookie recipes all taste fantastic with a little bit of Bitarome Toasted Coconut Extract. You can also add a few drops into your favourite curry dish, spicy stir fry and other savoury creations for that extra nutty and rich, creamy flavour.
    • Kosher - Gluten Free - Made in USA

    Recommended usage: Recommend 0.5% Usage and adjusting to desired flavor intensity.

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