White Truffle Olive Oil 250 ml Royal Command

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A little splash and it adds a special flavour that no one can quite identify -- and hard to forget. White Truffle Oil has an incredible evocative aroma and flavour of white truffle preserved in rich olive oil. White Truffle Oil is used almost exclusively as a finishing oil and requires very little heat application. Adds superb aroma and flavour when added to mayonnaise for a special potato or pasta salad. Great added to whipped potatoes, drizzled over focaccia or pizza, and can also add a touch of truffle luxury to popcorn for snacking.

Origin: France France
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    Extra virgin olive oil, white truffle aroma.



    • PREMIUM WHITE TRUFFLES - High quality truffle oil made with premium white truffles and exquisite olive oil.
    • EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOUR - Evocative aroma and flavour of white truffle in rich olive oil.
    • SUPERB ADDITION - Add flavour to potato or pasta salad, whipped potatoes, pizza, or popcorn.
    • INFUSION OF FLAVOUR - Olive oil infused with white truffle's subtle, aromatic flavour compounds.
    • NO HEAT REQUIRED - Before serving, add this White Truffle Oil as a unique finishing flavour for your dish.

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