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When you love pasta as much as we do, we are sure you will want to be first in line to get this Linguette Italian Pasta House by Viniteau. This decorative tin depicts a Casa di Pasta with a fun and colourful design. It keeps your pasta fresher for longer so is the perfect storage tin to place in your kitchen.
Filled with a packet of dried linguette, you are ready to cook a sublime pasta dish. But what exactly is linguette? This long, thin pasta is much like the famous linguine but it is half the width. The fine Italian pasta has a firm texture and cooks quickly. It has a delicious wheat flavour but is not as starchy as other pastas and is lighter.
Serve your linguette with clams, shrimp or crab for a delightful seafood dish. Enjoy a traditional Italian dish of cacio e pepe or mix the linguette with pesto for a quick and easy supper.
When you are not cooking new Italian delights with your linguette, keep it stored in your decorative airtight tin. Then, when you are ready to cook your next Mediterranean meal, it is within easy reach for your next culinary delight.

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    Linguette Pasta - durum wheat semolina, water, Linguette tin container.


    • CLASSIC ITALIAN PASTA - The Linguette pasta is a member of the classic Italian family of pastas we all know and have grown to love. Linguette is flat and long but it's essentially a narrower cousin of the famous linguine pasta. Linguette pasta is very easy to cook and is a staple of classic Italian dishes.
    • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS - The Linguette pasta is made of healthy and hearty ingredients. The durum wheat semolina contains fiber, protein, and vitamins. It may help you keep your heart health and weight in check. The protein adds a great bit of texture to your regular pasta.
    • EASY TO COOK - The Linguette pasta is very easy to cook making it wildly popular around the globe. Put the pasta in boiling water, add salt, stir it constantly until they reach a soft and nice texture. You can prepare a bowl of Linguette pasta as a comfort food.
    • COMPLIMENTS DIFFERENT CUISINE - The Linguette pasta complements a wide variety of cuisine. It is usually served with clams and shrimps but you can add different kinds of sauce to spice up the preparation.

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