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Calcium lactate gluconate is ideal for molecular gastronomy Reverse Spherification. It's a white powder that is rich in calcium salts. It is flavourless, soluble in cold liquids, and can be used with acids, high alcohol or fatty mediums. Calcium Lactate Gluconate can be used with many mediums and is particularly well-suited to liquids with high calcium or alcohol content making it perfect for cocktails or dairy products such as milk or yogurt. It forms a thicker membrane enabling better handling and storage.

Origin: China China
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    100% Calcium Lactate Gluconate



    • MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY – Calcium lactate gluconate is a key element in molecular gastronomy, which is a special branch of food science. This ingredient is used for reverse spherification, a method that turns alcohol-containing liquids into a thick, gel form.
    • NEUTRAL TASTE – Calcium lactate gluconate is a white powdery substance that is often used in the food industry. Known as an easily soluble agent, this powder has a flavorless neutral taste that doesn't alter the taste of food. It contains calcium salts in abundance.
    • VERSATILE – You can use calcium lactate gluconate in a variety of preparations. This product works well on fatty ingredients, alcohol, and acids, hence you may use it in cocktails, or dairy products. You may use it in your appetizers, salads, and even in the main course.
    • HIGH-QUALITY GUARANTEED – Available in a pack of 1 kg, the calcium lactate gluconate brought to you from Qualifirst is 100% fresh and genuine.

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