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    Includes 6 David's rubs Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Rib, Paprika and Herbs de Provence AOC. 1 Silicon brush, 2 copper mats, 2 mesh mats and 1 meat injector


    • TASTY FLAVOURS - Six David's meat rubs are included in this medium barbecue kit. They offer the savoury spice you need to give your meat a memorable, tastebud-awakening flavour. Choose from rib, seafood, chicken, steak, herbs de provence AOC and smoked paprika.
    • QUALITY BBQ KIT - This medium barbecue kit includes six David's rub spices, a silicon brush, a convenient meat injector and grilling mats made of mesh and copper. It has everything necessary to cook up some mouth-watering barbecued meals for your friends and family.
    • INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - Barbecuing isn't the same on your own. Bring out this kit and invite your closest friends over for some tasty barbecue ribs, chicken or seafood. Or ask everyone to bring their favourite cut of meat and add your spices! Whatever you do it - it's going to taste amazing!
    • GRILL MATS - These copper and mesh grill mats make it easier to cook up your meats and vegetables with even heat. Another bonus of barbecue grill mats is that you don't have to use much oil when grilling and the mats are very easy to clean after use. Just a quick wipe down with some soap and warm water and it's clean!
    • USAGE IDEAS - Get grilling with this handy bbq grill kit! Use the handy silicon brush to coat your meats in your favourite barbecue sauce or use the David's spices provided to make tasty meat rubs. Grill food to a perfect, even temperature using the copper and mesh mats. They are easy to clean and save you from extra mess on the grill. Give your meats delicious flavours from the inside out using the meat injector. Make a delicious marinade for your steaks or pork roast or mix some spices with oi

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