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Methylcellulose is one of the most interesting modernist ingredients. It has the unusual property of gelling when it is heated and melting as it cools. It's a fine white powder, derived from the cellulose of plants, that dissolves in cold water only to form a clear viscous solution or gel. It is often employed as a binder in coatings, such as fried chicken batter, because it will solidify as soon as it hits the oil, creating a barrier that keeps the oil out and the juices in. Methylcellulose can also be used to stabilize foams and emulsions. A4M Food grade.

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    Nutrition Facts
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    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1/2 tsp (3g)
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    Methylcellulos A4M food grade



    • PERFECT FOR COATINGS - Whether you’re making batter for fish, or perfecting your fried chicken recipe, this Methylcellulose is the perfect ingredient for your newest creation. By keeping the juices in and the oils out, its perfect for large scale meat coatings.
    • NOT JUST FOOD - Along with recipes and dishes, this is also the perfect ingredient for stabilising emulsions and foams - whether it’s a main meal or some other concoction, this product is incredibly versatile in its application.
    • ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE - Methylcellulose is the perfect vegan or vegetarian alternative to gelatin. For those who need to cook for a large audience, you can be sure that you won’t be leaving anyone out - everyone can enjoy it.
    • HEATING AS IT COOLS - While most things melt as they heat up, methylcellulose will melt as it cools, while becoming a gel when it heats up. This can be a great property for those who cook at high heats for large amounts of time, such as frying.
    • USED BY THE BEST - Methylcellulose has been used in meat alternatives by some of the most popular brands. While many think that professional ingredients aren’t available to them, we’re here to show you that’s not true.

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