Brown Sugar Substitute 350 g Dinavedic

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Containing inulin powder, a prebiotic soluble fibre found in many plants with powerful health benefits, and date powder, a natural sweetener for baking and cooking. Its powdery texture, sweet butterscotch taste, and low calorie count make it an ideal sugar substitute. Delicious as a sugar substitute in cookies, muffins, and cakes. Substitutes brown sugar in spice rubs for chicken and pork. Perfect in pancake and waffle batter, and no bake energy bars.

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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 5g
    Amount % Daily Value*
    Calories 15
    Fat Total 0g
    Fat Total Daily Percentage 0%
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Cholesterol Daily Value Percent 0%
    Sodium 0mg
    Sodium Daily Percentage 0%
    Carbohydrate 5g
    Dietary Fibre 3g
    Dietary Fibre Daily Value Percent 11%
    Sugar 1g
    Protein 0.1g
    Calcium 0%
    Iron 1%


    inulin powder and dates.


    • ALL-NATURAL – This brown sugar substitute is an all-natural product, using 2 ingredients that are found in nature. Date powder is a natural sweetener made from finely chopped, dried dates that are ground into powder. Inulin is a starchy substance found in many fruits, veggies and herbs.
    • NUTRITIONAL ALTERNATIVE – The main sugar-like element in this substitute, date powder, is highly nutritious, containing high dietary fiber, 16 different vitamins and minerals, a good source of phenolics, a very high level of antioxidants, and 50% more potassium than bananas by weight.
    • LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX – This substitute manages to provide a high level of delicious sweetness while maintaining a low-glycemic index, with almost no cholesterol.
    • SEAMLESS TRANSITION – Transition seamlessly from brown sugar to this substitute, keeping your foods as tasty and salivating as they’ve always been. Having a low-calorie diet doesn’t have to take the taste away from everything!
    • NO LONG-TERM SIDE-EFFECTS – The health benefits of using date powder and inulin powders as a sugar alternative seem almost too good to be true, yet it has no known long-term side effects.

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