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A caramel coloured powder loaded with caramel flavour in a convenient and delicious ready to sprinkle form. Sprinkle delightful caramel taste on pancakes, fresh fruit, and ice cream. Fold it into apple pies, cakes, and cookie batter. Excellent added to pudding and mousse, or dusted on pastries and donuts.

Origin: China China
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    saccharose, salt, granulesten, glycerin fatty acid ester.


    • INCREDIBLE TASTE – Craving that sweet, buttery, caramel taste? Shake on this powder to get a delicious caramel taste in an instant. Caramel popcorn powder will most definitely turn any popcorn into a creamy, sweet snack.
    • HOW TO USE – Simply pop a desired amount of popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag for 2 minutes in the microwave. When popped, melt some butter and drizzle over the popcorn. Shake and add in as little or as much caramel popcorn powder as you wish. Enjoy, and try not to eat your fingers!
    • FEELING ADVENTUROUS – You may have thought this caramel popcorn powder was strictly for popcorn but there is NO limit on its use. Mix with a glass of milk and ice cream for a fantastic milkshake (maybe the best one you’ve ever had). Enhance the icing on your homemade desserts by adding some powder and giving a burst of flavour. Or try sprinkling the powder on cut up apples and bake it to make caramel apple chips.
    • HOLIDAY TREAT – With or without the holiday season approaching, when you’re not sure what dessert to bring to a family gathering, why not pick up a jar of caramel popcorn powder? There’s nothing like a familiar sweet and savoury snack to bring holiday cheer.
    • ENHANCE YOUR THEATRE EXPERIENCE – Tired of plain old butter and salt popcorn every time you’re at the movie theatre? Bring with you to the movies next time you go out, and shake over your plain buttered popcorn to enjoy the best snack in the theater while watching that movie!

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