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A great low calorie, low glycemic sugar substitute. Maltitol Powder is a fine, white powder derived from corn that is 90% as sweet as sugar, with an excellent natural flavour and no chemical aftertaste. It's used in diabetic products and does not contribute to tooth decay. Unlike sucrose, it will not brown or caramelise when heated. Manufacturers use it to sweeten sugar-free hard candy, chewing gum, chocolates, baked goods, and ice cream.

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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1 tsp (5g)
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    Maltitol Powder.


    • AMERICAN PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Maltitol powder sweetener is produced in America with no artificial preservatives or additives. Ingest only the best with this incredible sugar substitute, Maltitol Powder. Rest easy knowing you’re receiving the highest quality Maltitol possible produced through a vigorous testing & production processes done within America.
    • ALL NATURAL SUGAR SUBSTITUTE – When we say maltitol tastes just like sugar, we’re not exaggerating! Our maltitol powder has nearly 90% of the sweetness of sugar, an all natural flavour, with absolutely zero chemical aftertaste, the perfect sugar replacement!
    • HEALTH BENEFITS – To start off, maltitol has a lower glycemic index than sugar, making it a great sugar substitute for diabetics looking for low glycemic sweeteners. Consuming Maltitol also means consuming less calories than sugar to achieve the same sweetness, without all the negative effects of sugar. Sugar promotes cavities while Maltitol Powder helps prevent them!
    • USAGE IDEAS – It's simple and easy to enjoy this sugar alternative. Add the same amount of Maltitol Powder you would sugar to your coffee, smoothies, or even baked goods. Manufacturers use it to sweeten sugar-free hard candy, chewing gum, chocolates, baked goods, and ice cream. Unlike sucrose, it will not brown or caramelize when heated.
    • BEST VALUE FOR YOUR BODY & WALLET – You'll Be Getting One Resealable Bag Containing 1kg (2.2 pounds) of all natural maltitol powder. Maltitol is one of the healthiest ways you can sweeten food & drinks. We’re able to bring our healthy sugar alternative to you at an affordable price by offering this bulk size packaging.

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