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A cousin of the better-known spirulina, chlorella is one under-the-radar, superfood powerhouse you should be integrating into your diet!Chlorella Powder is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world, packed with protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, zinc; much more. Our Chlorella powder is GMO FREE, 100% pure, with no additives or preservatives. The Dinavedic brand seeks to source and deliver authentic, wholesome ingredients offering healthful alternatives for every cooking style.

Origin: China China
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    • A TRUE SUPERFOOD – Keep Chlorella Powder on hand to aid in meeting the nutritional requirements of your healthy active lifestyle. This green algae powder is a superfood packed with essential nutrients for the body including protein, iron, magnesium, fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins A, C and E, and much more!
    • COMPLETE SOURCE OF PROTEIN – One of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet! Chlorella Powder carries high amounts of protein and contains all essential amino acids that our bodies require but can’t produce ourselves. A fantastic vegan or vegetarian protein source (50-60%!), the perfect green way to fuel your body.
    • BOOST ENERGY & DETOXIFY – Regular consumption of Chlorella Powder is known to improve energy levels. For many, it is often a key ingredient in their daily detox and used to not only feel healthier but also fueled for the day. Our Chlorella Powder is 100% pure, free of any additives or harmful ingredients.
    • IMMUNE SUPPORT – A key benefit of including Chlorella powder in your green smoothie is it’s immune boosting properties. High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and known as the ultimate superfood. A cousin to the well known spirulina, it’s the next powerhouse you need to integrate into your diet.
    • HOW TO USE – Chlorella Powder can be easily added to many of your favourite recipes, however it has a very strong taste so mix a teaspoon with banana, coconut water, vanilla protein powder, and lime juice for a delicious and protein packed smoothie! Use to top breakfast bowls or add to your favourite baked goods.

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