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L-Arginine is an amino acid that improves bodily functions, including migraines and inflammation. By relaxing blood vessels, Arginine is known to improve cardiovascular health. Take it as a part of your daily supplements for a boost of health benefits!

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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1 tsp (5g)
    Amount % Daily Value*


    100% L-Arginine


    • ENHANCE WORKOUTS – L-Arginine Powder will enhance your workouts in the best ways. This supplement will fuel your body to maximize your performance. You will find you are able to train harder and longer. Simply take 5 grams prior to your workout to for a noticeable endurance increase.
    • MUSCLE & STRENGTH – L-Arginine itself is used to make proteins in the body, including muscle! While muscle mass increases, a signal is sent to muscle cells to release a growth hormone and insulin, which promotes fat metabolism, improves energy levels and cognitive abilities. This process often leads to toned and lean muscle mass.
    • HEALTHY HEART – It will help improve the flow of blood by widening blood vessels. L-Arginine Powder will provide your heart with the healthy support it needs. Your energy levels will be increased helping you achieve peak performance.
    • OTHER BENEFITS – The increased levels of nitric oxide taking L-Arginine Powder generates will increase the bodies immune response to muscle damage caused from physical stress (working out)! It’s two key uses are to promote endurance, then fuel the muscle building process.
    • FAST ABSORBING – Mix in L-Arginine Powder into your smoothies, protein shake or simply in water. It is fast absorbing making it perfect for your pre workout. Fuel up and reduce fatigue for your ultimate performance.

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