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Saba is made from the juice of Trebbiano grapes cooked to a syrup and then fermented to have a bright hit of acidity with a sweet, caramelised grape flavour. Saba is, in fact, the first step in the process of making balsamic vinegar. It's excellent in marinades for grilled pork tenderloin or chicken. Use it to dress a peach and arugula salad with burrata, or spoon it over creamy vanilla ice cream.

Origin: Italy Italy
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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL)
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1 Tbsp.
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    Cooked grape must


    • AUTHENTIC SABA – An ancient condiment, known since the time of the Romans, also known as Sapa, Vin Cotto, or Mosto Cotto. This authentic premium Saba is in italian syrup made from cooking down grape must, following a traditional italian recipe.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY – We’re a Canadian based company which prides itself on bringing the highest quality products to North America from around the world. Our Saba Vinegar is 100% GMO free, and only the finest trebbiano grapes are used in its production, with zero additives or preservatives.
    • DELICIOUS DESSERTS – A simple drizzle on ice cream brings sophistication and a fantastic sweetness, and is often enjoyed with fresh fruit, making for a healthy & exciting snack.
    • FRUITY FLAVOUR – Enjoy the incredible fruity, sweet caramelized grape flavour, with notes of grapes, plums, and raisins, of this Saba Vinegar, made from the juice of Trebbiano grapes.
    • MASTERFUL MEATS – Saba Vinegar works wonders when used in marinades for grilled pork tenderloin, or chicken! Used much like aged balsamic vinegar, its fruity flavour in contrast with the fattiness of salmon works perfectly.

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