White Oak Wood Chips - 1 kg Davids

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Fire up the grill! These White Oak Wood Chips bring out the nostalgic smell of summertime. They work with all hot smokers, stove top smokers and BBQs. Simply sprinkle onto charcoal just before cooking the food or towards the end of the cooking time. Often used for commercial smoking, these chips are a hit when grilling sausages. White Oak gives the heavy smoke flavour that is great for all red meats, heavy game and pork. They are bark free and come from the heartwood. They are all natural and have never been exposed to chemical spraying.

Origin: Canada Canada
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    white oak wood chips.



    • 1 x 1 Kg bag (2.2 lbs) of pure white oak wood chips
    • The Queen of BBQ smoking woods. 100% natural, bark free and never exposed to chemical spraying
    • Medium smoke inluence with traditional smokey flavours. Best for beef, other red meats, pork, game
    • Works with all hot smokers, stove top smokers or BBQ smoker boxes
    • Product of USA

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