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Traditional Carolina BBQ sauce expertly shaped by the flare of David’s Condiments’ know-how for great taste. Crafted with apple cider vinegar and spiced with authentic herbs de Provence, this rich, tangy, slightly sweet taste, gets added kick from cayenne and chili peppers. So bring on the heat. Perfect on pork, beef, seafood, and poultry, or dip into it with roasted veggies, shrimp, or your favourite toasty bread.

Origin: Canada Canada
More than 50 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience  

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    Apple cider, sugar, cayenne, chili flakes, mustard powder, black pepper, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic, herbs de provence, xanthan gum.


    • CLASSIC FLAVOUR – There’s nothing quite like the flavour of Classic Spicy Carolina BBQ Sauce, which is why we prepared this one for you! You won’t be able to get enough once you’ve tried this tangy and full of flavour sauce.
    • SMOKEY PULLED PORK – Quickly fall in love with the magic this sauce brings to the table when combined with pulled pork. Although the sauce is quite strong on spice and tang on its own, when added to pulled pork the flavour is enhanced by the vinegar.
    • PREMIUM CAROLINA BBQ SAUCE – This vinegar based BBQ sauce is packed with flavour and the perfect addition to bring new tastes to your meats. The combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours brings out the absolute best in various meats.
    • USAGE IDEAS – Pick your favorite meat and this carolina BBQ sauce will do the job! Steak, Burgers, ribs, chicken, fish, the list goes on and on! Use to marinate overnight or simply dipping, either way you’ll love the familiar taste of this Spicy Carolina BBQ saice. DIY BBQ SAUCE – The true beauty of this sauce is the ability to mix with tomato paste or agave syrup to easily thicken it to your desire for easy brush application while BBQing!
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