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The aroma of Cubeb (Comet Tail) Peppercorn is somewhat like Allspice. They look similar to black peppercorns but have their stems attached. Also known as tailed peppercorn, they look like small pushpins or tacks. Cubeb Peppercorns have a flavour and aroma that is pungent, acrid, slight bitter and lingering and is described as a cross between allspice and pepper. It is used in Moroccan cuisine and is frequently found in the highly aromatic blend, Ras el Hanout, used in marinades for meats and fish.

Origin: India India
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    Comet tail peppercorn.



    • CUEBEB PEPPERCORNS – Also known as Comet Tail, it originates in India and is quite similar to black pepper with the stalk attached, making them look like small tacks. These peppercorns are commonly used in Indonesian and Moroccan cuisines however are very versatile and make a delicious addition to many meals.
    • FANTASTIC TASTE – The flavour of cubeb peppercorn can be compared to a mix between Allspice and Black Pepper. It has a slight bitter taste that is pungent and lingers. It is a delicious flavour that differs from your traditional black pepper. The tail of the peppercorn has a slight citrus/pine flavour. These flavours are great paired with lemon.
    • YOUR NEW GO-TO SPICE – Cubeb Peppercorn has a colourful history of it being a magic spice. There’s no doubt you’ll be using this ingredient to spice up countless dishes. Time and time again we hear from customers like you reaching for cubeb peppercorn on the daily.
    • FRESH PEPPERY HEAT – Grind up Cubeb Peppercorn to add a delicious peppery heat to meats, cheeses and vegetables. There is a warm aroma about the peppercorns that enhances the overall taste of a dish resulting in unique flavours.
    • A BBQ MUST HAVE – Fire up the grill! Any time you plan to BBQ is the perfect time to grab your Cubeb Peppercorn. Spice up your bbq this year by including this peppery heat. Grind over your grilled vegetables, into your homemade burgers, and even on top of your caesar salad. This magic spice will leave you salivating for more.

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