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<p>Freeze drying concentrates the taste of ripe oranges. Freeze Dried Orange Powder has a fine texture and a sweet flavour. <br>Use it in smoothies or slushie drinks or to make a Orange daiquiri. Beat it into cream cheese icing or create Orange ripples in ice cream.<br> It makes a gorgeous modern garnish for desserts like panna cotta, a velveteen finish for white chocolate truffles, or to flavour cake batter or filling for chocolates.</p>

Origin: China China
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    • CONVENIENT TO USE — When you don’t have oranges to hand or they’re out of season, this powder is readily available. It has a long shelf life and is easy to store in your kitchen cupboard for whenever you need it.
    • PURE GOODNESS — The freeze-drying process retains the pure colour, flavour and nutrients. There are no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives in this powder.
    • DELICIOUS IN DRINKS — Whizz up an orange smoothie or juice drink in the morning for a zesty start to your day. Add it to hot water for a cup of fruit tea. Mix it with sugar and use it to coat the rim of cocktail glasses for added flair to your drinks.
    • CREATIVE DESSERTS — Add a tang and orange flavour to your desserts with this powder. Mix it with buttercream or icing sugar to decorate cakes. Make orange ice cream or sorbet, lollies or jelly. Sprinkle it over panna cotta or swirl it through meringue.
    • BENEFITS — Packed with vitamin C, fibre, potassium, folate and thiamine, oranges boost your immune system, prevent skin damage and help lower your blood pressure. They also lower your cholesterol levels, help manage your blood sugar levels and promote good eye well being.

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