Lime Natural Flavour 30 ml Bitarome

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<p>Just a few drops while cooking or baking will give a tart citrus flavour and aroma without any sweetness. A little Lime Flavour goes a long way with this high-quality ingredient. Create new combinations by adding strawberry or coconut extract. Add a few drops to margaritas or limeade. Boost the flavour in citrus curd, lime squares, mousse and in cream fillings for chocolates. It gives an intense lime flavour to ice cream, sorbet and paletas. Use in marinades for fish and chicken.</p>

Origin: Canada Canada
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    FDA approved flavor ingredients, propylene glycol, alcohol and polysorbate 80.



    • 183972
    • REFRESHING FRAGRANCE OF LIME - Nothing feels more soothing and refreshing than the fragrance of lime. The Lime flavour from Bitarome is an ideal addition to your kitchen. It helps in effortlessly enhancing the taste of your dishes or drinks.
    • USE IN DESSERTS - This flavouring can be added to desserts as well, so get creative!
    • INFUSE DRINKS - Want to make your drinks taste a little extra delicious? Allow the Lime flavour to infuse a citrusy punch to your cocktails, and there you have it– the perfect drink to uplift your mood.
    • USE FOR MARINATING - If you enjoy the sour flavour of lime, you can use a few drops of this liquid for marinating your raw food such as fish, meat, and so on. The extract penetrates the surface of meat/fish and makes your dish so much more flavourful and aromatic.

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