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Quick cooking and versatile speciality rice from India. Poha Medium Rice originates from India and is rice that has been flattened into dry white flakes and is eaten both raw or cooked. Also called beaten rice, it is used to make snacks or fast food. Combine with brown sugar and enjoy it raw, or deep fry and combine with spices, nuts and raisins. Soak in cold or hot water or milk, or combine with yogurt to make a creamy porridge. Delicious cooked with spices and vegetables pilaf-style.

Origin: India India
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    White Rice flakes

    • WHAT IS POHA? – this is a form of raw rice that can be digested and is typically found in Indian cuisines used to prepare snacks and meals.
    • POHA VS. REGULAR RICE – Poha Medium Rice is a alternative to your regular white rice. They’re easy flakes to prepare and can provide you with the perfect amount of energy, iron and carbs to eat guilt free.
    • INDIAN SNACK – Prepare a simple but hearty breakfast or brunch dish using Poha. Poha Chivda is a fan favourite, as well as Poha Pakoda! A fantastic way to add a new element to vegetarian snacks.
    • SHED EXTRA WEIGHT – Poha consumption can be a better option as it contains high amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, vitamins, and iron, all of which help lose weight but also provide an abundance of benefits.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY – A tasty, fast & easy alternative to breakfast bread is Poha. Our premium flattened rice flakes are a quick and simple way to prepare various Indian dishes. gluten free, non GMO, vegan, vegetarian, & keto diet compatible.

    Medium Poha Rice Flakes are the perfect addition to your pantry to begin creating , Indian cuisine inspired, vegetarian snacks.

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